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Welcome to the website of Fa Gebrs. Gijzels-Import  Export slaughterhouse

Quality and service are our references...... 
Fa. Gebr. Gijzels is a Dutch family company which was founded in 1921. Ìt maintains close contacts with its (inter) national customers and partners across Europe. Today the third generation, the brothers Maurice and Patrick are leading the company.
Maurice is amongst others responsible for the purchase and selection process of the living lambs. Furthermore he supervises the slaughtering process and does the final selection of the end product.
Patrick is responsible for the sales part and arranges the distribution of the end products. Besides he is managing the control of the supply of the live cattle, from our own breeding farm as well as through third parties and the sale of these carcasses.
As in a typical family owned business the spouse of Maurice, Rita, is also involved in the company, just as his oldest daughter Patricia and son in law Lodewijk. Patrick's son, also named Maurice, is also working in the company.
The main activity of the company is the slaughtering of sheep, lambs, goats and cattle. Business is mainly focussed on the Netherlands, Belgium, England, France, Ireland, Italy and Scotland. An average of about 700 lambs and 50 cattle are slaughtered per week and because of this our company is one of the leading companies in this sector in the Benelux/Europe.
Furthermore the following additional activities are carried out:
  • Import of lambs slaughtered in Scotland/UK
  • Ritual slaugther
  • Slaughter of ostriches
Constant excellent quality and freshness has our main focus, which results in a high rotation of the meat, where flexibility is of crucial importance.
This all is realised together with our great team of professional employees, most of whom have already been working for us for many years.